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G750 Auto contrast is driving me nuts!!

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I guess everyone knows about the issue I'm talking about and we'll proceed.

I have a G750JX-DB71 and I've been facing this issue right from the day I received my laptop. I've done tons of research and still the problem was unsolved. Changed Windows Power Management Settings, NVidia Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Settings, Stopped Sensor services using services.msc, uninstalled Power4Gear Hybrid and changed power plan settings as well. That's it when I switch to battery, this problem starts again. Even now whilst typing this, the contrast has changed causing a pain.

Finally, I did a CLEAN installation of Windows 8.1 and sigh, it's still there. But didn't install P4G and all. I'm with Nvidia driver of 327 I guess. I dunno what to do. Even when switching tabs in Gmail, the contrast changes due to the theme applied.

Finally, I contacted ASUS and they have provided me a RMA. As I'm new to USA, I do have some issues in sending my notebook to them. Issues in the sense, I can't travel to FedEx office carrying this monster packaged in a box. So this is my last try and I've brought the issue again to you guys. If it's possible do help me, or else I have to send it I guess. I dunno how much time will they take to process and send it as my entire studies depends on this one. I can't wait for long. I'm also worried that they might send me a refurbished one if they can't sort this issue out.

Also as I don't have any P4G and such, I begin to guess that I might have got a faulty display. Is it so? Do you guys advice me to go for RMA?

Update: Video added!

Thanks Pat for the clip!



You'll lose this contrast issue, FOREVER!!!


You'll end up using a very old (6 months I guess) NVIDIA Graphics Driver so you might lose out on bugs and patches, performance improvements etc.


1. Go to Asus 750JX driver download page.
2. Select Win 8 x64 for the OS (Not 8.1)
3. Download this VGA driver (NVIDIA Version V9.18.13.1193 - The first one)
4. Install (When installing check custom install and select 'clean install')
5. Reboot
6. And voila, the problem is gone forever.
7. Don't forget to go to GeForce Experience and uncheck all the automatic updates or this sneaky little software might update you to new drivers silently and you'd have to repeat the steps again.

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You're right Pat, I'm not sure what was going on at the time.

Since then I have received a whole bunch of new Microsoft updates and installed them, restarted and HIGH CONTRAST was turned on. I did a Shutdown and waited around 10 secs and then started and no sign of high contrast. Also no sign of update KB2958262 being installed.
Oh well, back to some sort of normality.

Level 7
Alright. A consistent solution to this problem is to use an older driver (as mentioned in the very first post). This issue was introduced when NVIDIA released the first WDDM 1.3 / Windows 8.1 drivers, I think the version was 325.xx. No drivers that use WDDM 1.2 or earlier have this issue.

WDDM 2.0 / Windows 10 beta drivers are out now and I plan to test later to see if the problem still exists with these drivers. I won't have time until late this evening, but I will post back with the results. If anyone else would like to test in the meantime, go to this page:

Pick your GPU, select Windows 10 for the OS and the "Beta" option from the last dropdown.

(I am expecting that these drivers will also work with Windows 7/8/8.1, even though they are labeled for Windows 10, as NVIDIA usually releases unified drivers and one would expect this to continue once Windows 10 is released. Haven't tested it though.)

Nevermind, can't try without Windows 10 installed. Both the installer and the device manager will not take the new driver (under Windows 8.1). Looks like Windows 10 drivers are different enough that there may be a split...
This weekend I might install Windows 10 on a different hard drive and check and see if this issue is still present.

Did Windows 10 install with 352.63 NVIDIA drivers and the auto contrast issue did not present itself. Hoping this issue will be fixed after upgrading to Windows 10 final.

Aaron44126 wrote:
Did Windows 10 install with 352.63 NVIDIA drivers and the auto contrast issue did not present itself. Hoping this issue will be fixed after upgrading to Windows 10 final.

Aaron44126, quiet!, don't let Nvidia know they broke the borked auto-contrast feature, or they will fix it in a driver update! 😉

Aaron44126 wrote:
Did Windows 10 install with 352.63 NVIDIA drivers and the auto contrast issue did not present itself. Hoping this issue will be fixed after upgrading to Windows 10 final.

Upgraded existing Windows 8.1 install (with this issue) to Windows 10 and the problem still exists on NVIDIA drivers 353.30. Issue does not appear on a clean install. So, I've got some configuration issue hanging around that's causing the issue. Going to spend some time with it this weekend, hopefully can come up with yet another possible solution.

Nevermind... Must be crazy. My clean Windows install has the issue after all. So it doesn't appear to be a simple configuration issue (or the issue is included in the default config).

Level 12
Guys, not sure if this is related, but it might be worth looking into, it came as an optional update this last week Tuesday

Automatic brightness option is disabled unexpectedly after you switch between PC settings pages in Windows

Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3013538)

Found it in the breakdown of the 34 optional patches that came out last Tuesday:

This month's second Patch Tuesday brings 34 Windows updates, all optional

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This is what solved the issue for me on G751JM

1. Search Windows for 'Intel'
2. Select 'Intel HD Graphics Control Panel'
3. Click the 'Power' square button
4. Click 'On Battery' tab
5. Disable 'Display Power Saving Technology' (I see it as the last option)

Hope it works for you too.

Level 7
Hi guys,
Long time and no news? :cool: I must admit I have been a bit reluctant to update to Windows 10, but today I decided to try it out. It took approx. 30 minutes including download. I use a SSD for my OS-disk so I guess that speed up the process. EVERYHTING went fine and no glitches what so ever during the upgrade process. I would say it was the smoothest transition ever. Windows 10 seems solid and I recommend it. I even turned off Classic Shell to see possible benefits of the new start menu and there are some… To make the story short: There’s no dimming, auto-contrast or whatever we call when I run on batteries. Great! 😉


Good day,

Just like you all, I've found that the only way to get rid of it is by installing the latest nvidia driver to rectify this.....i know that many of you are gamers with this hardware and might not want the latest due to some compatibility issue with some games.
(I've did everything from changing the dynamic contrast setting in nvidia control panel, turn off the adaptive brightness setting in power option, press Fn+A .......etc. Non of it worked for me)

Thus recommend use the version of the nvidia (usually not the latest) from the official Asus website to get the driver following your model and walah......dimming is gone !! XD

Hope this helps everyone as i have heard lots of people finding this feature annoying as much as I have !

P.S : I'm using the Asus G751JT gaming laptop wth Windows 8.1.


This has been driving me batty today but I figured I'll throw this in for peeps in future trying to find their SOLVED!
I too thought it would be a power/driver issue and I've recently been messing with settings a lot to optimise for Subnautica.

For me it was...the actual physical monitor settings. I'm using a second monitor instead of my G751jy monitor and couldn't figure why adjusting brightness wasn't working. I was also getting the ridiculous dimming on a darker screen (such as this one, and in Subnautica). Turns out it was a setting on the monitor options itself.

I had it set to Magic Colour(TM) which messes with the contrast. I've just been away for 2 weeks which is why this caught me out but it was doing the exact same thing many have described here...adjusting the picture according to the screen.

TLDR: These days with so many people using 2nd monitors...check your monitors physical settings before pulling your hair out over drivers and such!

Hope this helps somebody.