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G750 Auto contrast is driving me nuts!!

Level 9
I guess everyone knows about the issue I'm talking about and we'll proceed.

I have a G750JX-DB71 and I've been facing this issue right from the day I received my laptop. I've done tons of research and still the problem was unsolved. Changed Windows Power Management Settings, NVidia Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Settings, Stopped Sensor services using services.msc, uninstalled Power4Gear Hybrid and changed power plan settings as well. That's it when I switch to battery, this problem starts again. Even now whilst typing this, the contrast has changed causing a pain.

Finally, I did a CLEAN installation of Windows 8.1 and sigh, it's still there. But didn't install P4G and all. I'm with Nvidia driver of 327 I guess. I dunno what to do. Even when switching tabs in Gmail, the contrast changes due to the theme applied.

Finally, I contacted ASUS and they have provided me a RMA. As I'm new to USA, I do have some issues in sending my notebook to them. Issues in the sense, I can't travel to FedEx office carrying this monster packaged in a box. So this is my last try and I've brought the issue again to you guys. If it's possible do help me, or else I have to send it I guess. I dunno how much time will they take to process and send it as my entire studies depends on this one. I can't wait for long. I'm also worried that they might send me a refurbished one if they can't sort this issue out.

Also as I don't have any P4G and such, I begin to guess that I might have got a faulty display. Is it so? Do you guys advice me to go for RMA?

Update: Video added!

Thanks Pat for the clip!



You'll lose this contrast issue, FOREVER!!!


You'll end up using a very old (6 months I guess) NVIDIA Graphics Driver so you might lose out on bugs and patches, performance improvements etc.


1. Go to Asus 750JX driver download page.
2. Select Win 8 x64 for the OS (Not 8.1)
3. Download this VGA driver (NVIDIA Version V9.18.13.1193 - The first one)
4. Install (When installing check custom install and select 'clean install')
5. Reboot
6. And voila, the problem is gone forever.
7. Don't forget to go to GeForce Experience and uncheck all the automatic updates or this sneaky little software might update you to new drivers silently and you'd have to repeat the steps again.

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Level 8
Im no expert but try these things first before you go for RMA.

1. Uninstall Splendid...
2. go to "Power Options" - Display - Enable adaptive brightness - sett it to "OFF"
3. Reinstall GPU drivers
4. Reset your color managment profile (system default is (sRGB IEC61966-2.1)
or try to make your own.
(make an seperate account and make changes there first, colour settings are stored separatley for each user!)
You can find very color correct profile in the forums if u search for it...

Before you make any moves with RMA try things above.

The first two steps are almost for sure the thing ure talking about.

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the reply.
1. I haven't installed it at all. (I can't find it in Control Panel so I highly guess that I didn't install it)
2. It's already set to OFF.
3. Re-installed. It prevails.
4. I don't have the idea on what it is. Could you help me out by explaining it in detail?

Try this:
Nvidia control panel
Adjust Video colour settings
How do you make colour adjustments?
With Nvidia settings
dynamic range full (0-255)
uncheck dynamic contrast enhancement and colour enchancement

I had the same problem as you and this resolved my problems.
I hope this will help you.

Mine is already at Full DR, turned off DCE and CE 🙂

All my settings are 'Use NVidia...'. All are at default values.

Still.... 😞

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Splendid's official name is "Asus Splendid" so it's under A at the top of your uninstall list, in case you didn't see it and want to check again.

I think I know what you mean by your adjustment.. I've noticed that my screen when I go to black, to white, it slightly brightens up over 1 second.

Is this what you mean? I think you shouldn't turn it off as I have a feeling it's healthy for your monitor in terms of color transition. That's my own little theory on it though.

How exactly does it annoy you? Does it change drastically when doing nothing?

No, it's not there. I've double checked it 🙂

Yeah, that's it. The same problem. When am in ROG forums it turns dark as hell, and when moving to Google it's whiter. I'm not mentioning it as a problem, but it's kinda irritating when you see the color transition. When watching movies, it turns black as the file is about to open, and it's good when the playback starts and again turns dim when there's dark scenes or screen goes black for a minute.

How come they implement a service without being able to stop it? That's what irritates me. As already told, I've done everything. The last resort I could do is to uninstall Nvidia driver completely. Maybe that'll stop it I guess because it's the only piece of display related program in my notebook. Sigh 😞 If I do that, then becomes a bulky ultrabook/netbook without being able to play games! 😄

Level 7
i know excatly what you feel. At the beggining i started with uninstaling the spelndid, hoping to end this auto contrast thing. Especiall
while watching films color pallet at human faces really irritating. İt doesnt seem natural while under this effect. U can try this like watch films
with fullscreen with borders and after that do it fullscrren with borderless. U can see the diffrences on human skins color adaptation and its not nice.

Exactly. I feel the same as well. It's really a pain. Did you get rid of it?

To check if you have ASUS SPLENDID installed go under C or D drive (most likley the one with the OS on it) go under program files and then under asus folder and try to search for asus splendid!

If u cant find it, then go crazy and install it and the uninstall it... LOL it might help....

For the color managment go under Control Panel - Color Managment - An then try to play or DL the color profile from this forrum and apply it. Under the forums post u will find all the instructions to do that!

The way u described the problem its ASUS Splendid for sure.
Did u already uninnstall it?

It was installed in your laptop for sure, all g750's come with loads of stupid bloatware. So if u didnt remove it it must be there.

try this and report back...

Here is the link for the color profile. Before u do anything READ THE POST AND ALL THE LINKS. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Then make a new account and make the changes there first. And if u see what u like then do it on your main account!