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G75 VX Ram Replacement

Level 7
I have a G75 VX, and want to either add Ram to it, OR, replace the RAM already in it.
I do a lot of 3d drawings, and am hoping by adding more Ram, it might help renderings speed up etc,
Not sure if this will Improve by adding RAM??

Currently, I have 3 RAM Sticks installed.
( My understanding is that the 4th slot is hard to reach, and that I can go as high as 32g of RAM, Correct?? )

Hynix HMT35156CFR8C-PB
DDR3-1600 / PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM 1.5 v

So either I would like to add additional 1 stick of RAM or replace originals, depends on money...sadly?

2 brands that I prefer to purchase are either Kingston or Corsair!

So, can someone give me appropriate info on exactly what is currently available for RAM, applied to both
scenarios above.

If I add 1 stick to my current RAM, which model # do I need from either Manufacturer, and can it be a 8g stick??

If I replace all, which model # would I use From either manufacturer, and yes, in this case, 8g models only.

Do I need to supply more info on this post ( Timings etc. ), and if so, what and how to I obtain it to add to it?

Level 7
You can just add ram. I dont think you have to replace, and when you want to add more just replace smaller size sticks with w.e you want.

would this be a good set with the G75VX if I want to upgrade to 8 g x 4??

Part#: KVR16S11/8
Kingston KVR16S11/8 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM

Level 7
I dont see why not, youll be going to 32gigs of ram.

Level 7
so timings etc don't matter if I replace allwith new 8g sticks, or do they still have to be same as far as all specs, just 8g being the only difference??

Level 13

toronto699 wrote:

ok...thank you...
Any opinions on purchasing Crucial for a manufacturer for RAM say compared to Kingston or Corsair??
Just thought I read on another thread that Corsair Vengeance?? does not work in G75.
I have always been partial to Corsair and especially Kingston in my PC's when having them made up.
Want to replace RAM myself for the G75, but want some headsup if needed by people more experienced than me.
Crucial Good???
or go with Kingston / Corsair...which one in the 8g series??