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G75 possible to rearrange key caps without removing keyboard?

Level 7
Hi, I have a G75VW and I type in Dvorak and I wonder if it is possible to rearrange the key caps without fully removing the keyboard (thereby voiding my warranty). The key caps seem to be on there pretty sturdy, so I don't want to go yanking at them if they aren't designed to be replaceable without full disassembly. Yes, I can live with just using it as is, but it's really annoying to not have the keys properly labeled, especially in games where you move your hand from the home row to WASD, and all of the sudden, I can't remember where ANY of my hotkeys are. No, stickers are not an option, that's just tacky. Thanks.

My understanding is that the keyboard is supposed to be a single unit. I'm not really sure if it's possible to take them off after they have been put on as it isn't like a desktop keyboard.
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Level 11
I've seen the back of one and, even if it's possible, it won't be easy.

Level 12
Based on my experience with this sort of thing, no matter how careful you are taking them off, odds are you're going to irrevocably damage them during the process.

Bummer. My number one frustration with Dvorak has been lack of real Dvorak hardware. Sure, most of the time it's purely cosmetic, but it's a real pain for gaming 😞 At least on my old laptop I could switch the key caps...

Level 11
Yes you can do this. Is it easy no, You need to pretty much take apart the whole laptop and you will void your warranty in doing so. Also the keyboard is pretty fragile. On top of that the connectors and ribbon cables are pretty fragile to so if you have to ask if this can be done then this project is a little to advanced for you. and you run the risk of not only breaking the keyboard but 4 small ribbon cable connections in the process.