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g75 booting to bios every time

Level 7
this just keep getting better and better the just retarted to laptop and then it goes to the bios every time cant load windows ... the hdd does not show and the dvd rom but if u use the trick that misikex typed it shows the hdd and the dvd rom but u cant boot up to windows

Level 7
Same here!!!!

Level 7
Whaha!! I have the solution!

Go to bios:
1. disable Secure Boot Control
2. disable Fast boot (in Boot options)
(Save, and exit) after restart go to Boot options

3. enable Launch CSM


that does not fix it it only shows them but it cant boot from the hdd

hey asus next time realese a finished laptop...

took my windows 7 install dvd in the laptop to see how the hdd look like and the whole os is gone my recovery partition everything.... and i just restarted my laptop and it deleted the os

Level 7
sending the laptop back on monday

hey asus no help? you got any good reason why your laptop deletes the whole os then hides the hdd and dvd rom so you cant install a windows 8?

G75VX on Win8 here. This happened to me occasionally when pc crash then hard reboot. Always kick to bios notice hdd/dvd is undetected then i need to do several hard reboot at random it will just detect hdd/dvd again go back to normal..

I can simulate this issue when I was on 306.14 nvidia driver and run 3dmark11/vantage & gpu-z.
After I updated to 307.07 it never occurred again (knock wood!)

Level 9
so is the problem solve now when you update BIOS?

Still 203 bios..mine solve when I update nvidia driver from 306.14 to 307.07

Level 7
I had the same problem when updated the BIOS to 223. Made the suggested changes in the BIOS and then forced boot on my Windows 8 USB and performed and auto system fix. That made the trick!