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G75 - audio system bugreport

Level 7

There are 2 basic problems with the audio system, described as following:

1) When having external speakers/headset connected, and rebooting and/or resetting audio, the subwoofer plays audio still!
2) The main volume control doesn't affect subwoofer volume, until it's at 0! (It should always stay relative to other speakers value when in 2.1 mode)
2a) The main volume control DOES affect subwoofer volume in the case of #1.

So with this very specific bug report, when can we expect a fix?

Fix #1: Always disable subwoofer when external device connected
Fix #2: Make Subwoofer volume ALWAYS relative to treble speakers when in 2.1 mode (So lowering windows/master volume lowers all sound)

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That's the conclusion I have come to also. They have not fixed the problem with the VX and different Audio Card. Seems all we can do is make it sound better, not correct
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Level 9
At this point i suppose ot is up to the users to file a class action lawsuit if they want their center channel speaker in the left corner, er I mean "subwoofer", to actually be resolved/compensated.

Level 7
Well a fix that worked for me was I updated my BIOS to 223, then installed the audio drivers, then went into the BIOS and loaded optimized defaults, turned on CSM(my computer won't boot without it) and it fixed it. I noticed that there is no longer a headphone device in the audio settings, and now my sub and tweeters work together and the sub turns off when I plug in headphones.

Level 9
Congrats, but it's still a center channel.

Level 12
asus doesn't want to talk about it, and their reps here are mumbling something, but i still can't find any sense in it. Embarrassing really.

I'm having the same sound problem. I'm delighted to see that Asus is taking it seriously and regularly communicating with the folks who purchased their equipment. It's companies like Asus that are restoring my faith in free-market economics on a daily basis.

Thanks Asus! You guys so totally rawk!

I've had my G75 since Nov '12 and all was fine until a few days ago, when Windows decided to update and restart. Upon restarting, the sound problems everybody else has encountered began. It's pretty disheartening to see that this issue has been going on for so long. I am gonna try to roll back to before the update and reinstall the original driver to see if I can fix the problem. Does anybody know which driver my computer would have come with? I deleted it while trying to fix it but I remember it was installed in Sep '12. Thanks for any help and hopefully this gets sorted out eventually.

So, I had NO IDEA this computer was having such a backlash with the speakers.

I have a G75, and found out from someone else telling me that my computer was playing sound.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers three times, but I JUST got my computer three days ago. The sound was fixed for a moment, but alas to no avail.

I don't know much about other programs mentioned here in this thread, so if I am totally missing something I would greatly appreciate help.

Now, i'm most certainly not the most techy person, but this is the ONLY computer I have ever owned that plays through both the speakers and the headphones at the same time. Seeing as this has not been fixed yet, should I return the computer? And if so, does anyone have a recommendation of a replacement, preferably in the same price range?

Level 7
same issue with headphones on WIndows 8.1 and the latest VIA drivers. I need to disable speakers output in order to get sound from headphones. This is weird.