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G75 - audio system bugreport

Level 7

There are 2 basic problems with the audio system, described as following:

1) When having external speakers/headset connected, and rebooting and/or resetting audio, the subwoofer plays audio still!
2) The main volume control doesn't affect subwoofer volume, until it's at 0! (It should always stay relative to other speakers value when in 2.1 mode)
2a) The main volume control DOES affect subwoofer volume in the case of #1.

So with this very specific bug report, when can we expect a fix?

Fix #1: Always disable subwoofer when external device connected
Fix #2: Make Subwoofer volume ALWAYS relative to treble speakers when in 2.1 mode (So lowering windows/master volume lowers all sound)

Best regards,

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well fcuk now any sound other than skype is having a crackling noise to it, even in headphones. no i didnt uninstal anything

Kirill2525 wrote:
well fcuk now any sound other than skype is having a crackling noise to it, even in headphones. no i didnt uninstal anything

i did have that same issue past night after installing 10400 i will check today to see if it is still happening

EDIT: this was being caused by ASUS' Akamai Web Interface, everything works great now, still need to fix lfe w/ the sub though.
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dstrakele wrote:
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Level 7
WTF asus, instant on wont let me keep custom power settings. every time i restart, it tells me not to mess with the power settings and that it has reset them. my ****ing computer, y cant i mess with the power settings? can i uninstall this **** without breaking something?

Level 7
well i restarted my comp and the sound is better but the power options are still ****ed. it changes to the power4 gear thing and even resets my mouse settings. what pisses me off is that it wont let me make closing the lid do nothing, it swiches it back to sleep and i dont use the powe4gear setting but it allways reverts back to that

Level 7
Sounds like someone needs a waaaaaaaambulance. LOL

eugene.nelson wrote:
Sounds like someone needs a waaaaaaaambulance. LOL

You got me laughing here ... hey now!

Level 14
I recommend trying a clean Windows 7 installation free of InstantOn, Power4Gear, and all the other ASUS Bloatware apps. Just install the ASUS ATK Package to control the function keys.
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Level 7
im not reinstalling it lol spent way too much time setting it up
i think when the sound driver comes out ill get that and than uninstall all the blotewere manually

Level 7
I know that the audio is not from asus , and via is working on it
but this issue is taking too much time : i mean , when you release a product with an issue , you do all u can to resolve it in some few days. specially when it s just a driver issue . If i were QA chef , since this bug is know from march , i ll pursue VIA to release a fix in less that 4 days XD

PS : there is an other issue , dunno if it s realted to the drivers , but the sound is not well graded . i mean even if you put sound in 1/100 , it is still quite loud . and their is a big difference betwin 1/100 to 10/100 than from 70/100 to 100/100 for example . In other ways , when i play a song and the master volum is 1/100 , i can hear it from far ...