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G75 960m ASUS RoG laptop w/ Dual Monitors

Level 7
I have a RoG asus laptop that has 2.6 cpu, 4gig nvidia 960m gpu, 16gb ram, 128ssd, 1TB HDD.

I need to know if it's safe to run dual monitors off the HDMI port while I stream playing wow & csgo on my main monitor and have my cpu/twitch/temps/chrome open on my 2nd monitor. Also what would be the best settings.

Another thing I thought of, but don't know if it's possible is can I run my 2nd monitor off my integrated graphics rather than my GPU, would split the load and be a lot more efficient. I really need a dual monitor for streaming on twitch, any help is appreciated - Thanks.

What do you mean by throttle when unsafe temp is reached?

Level 10
Throttling is a process where a component, such as a CPU or GPU, will reduce its performance in order to decrease the amount of heat it is putting out so that the component won't damage itself from temperatures that are higher than the manufacturer deemed safe.