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G75 - 2nd Hard Drive Bay Doesn't Recognize Any Hard Drive

Level 7
G75VW came stock with a 256GB SSD loaded with WIn 8 and a 750GB HDD for data. Disk-wise, everything worked perfectly for the first 9 months, until the SSD crashed. Created an RMA and had the SSD replaced. Upon return the SSD functioned normally, but the HDD did not show up in File Explorer, Device Manager, or Disk Manager. Here is what I have tried so far:

1. Checked Bios (version 223). SATA ports appear as:
Port 0 - SSD Normal
Port 1 - Empty
Port 2 - ODD Normal

2. Checked the HDD in another computer and it worked without any problems.

3. Swapped the SSD (in the right drive bay, port 0) with the HDD (left drive bay, port 1) and the HDD worked normally, but the SSD did not.

4. Tried jumping around Bios settings.

5. Refreshed, reset, re-installed OS.

6. Updated and re-installed applicable drivers.

7. Swapped another (working) HDD into the HDD bay (left, port 1), which also was not recognized.

So, both the SSD and HDD are working normally. The OS and drivers do not appear to be the problem. My immediate guess is that the left drive bay (SATA port 1) is simply not working and that I need to replace the board that connects both drives to the MOBO. However, after two RMAs that both fixed one issue and created two more, I am wary of sending my rig back to Asus for 2-3 weeks.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Level 9
I had something similar happen to me. The bay labeled "R" stopped working altogether after 18 months of ownership. I've always had issues with it randomly dropping whatever drive I had in that slot, but I used to be able to amend that by restarting the computer or bringing it in and out of hibernation. I tried the same things you did and got nothing. I eagerly await an answer to this issue.

Level 14
PM cl-albert he can be very helpful in insuring that you have a successful RMA. cl = Customer Loyalty he actually works for Asus.
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