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G74SX-Xr1 refurbished for $969.00 a good idea???

Level 7
hey guys i recently bought a new HP dv6tqe with
8gb ram
bluray drive
2gb radeon 7690m graphics card
total= $836
it's currently in transit and should arrive by the 21

but here's the thing i want a laptop that's "future proof" for the next 4 years and i fear that this laptop will not meet that requirement, so i was thinking about buying a Refurbished Asus G74SX-XR1, but im weary because i don't want to be stuck with a bad laptop that starts giving me issues after the 90-manufacturers warranty is up, so i was wondering i anyone has had a refurbished Asus before and if it gave them any issues?

oh and the price of the refurb is $969
the only thing im losing out of is a 1yr manufacturer warranty and a bluray drive which i don't care for really (i can upgrade later if it becomes a necessity )

my max budget here is $1000 if you have any recommendations let me know

Level 10
I would say that, you get a good notebook for that price, but for gaming... not so good?

Cuz, the vRAM is 2GB that gives 128-bit for the graphic card and that is not the same as 192-bit version for the graphics.
And also which resolution do you get with that notebook ? Full HD or HD + ?
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

I have the standard resolution,
quick question I have an option to spend 100 and get a one year warranty with square tradefor the Asus g74,but I've exceeded my budget, so I was wondering if this could be added later

Level 11
fallensoulja wrote:
...but here's the thing i want a laptop that's "future proof" for the next 4 years

4 years is a very long period, especially for a notebook. Intel will release new 22 nm CPU, which not only will be more powerful, but will consume a lot less energy, meaning your battery will run more hours before recharge. It will run cooler too.

True but this laptop will serve me longer for gaming than my HP order,

So no one here has had a refurbished Asus gaming laptop?