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G74SX- Where can i get these parts in USA? Power Board with FFC cabel &Touch pad FFC

Level 7
Good Evening friends,

Asus Uk Diagnosed and said my beloved G74sx need following parts to be alive again:(

1) Power Board 90R-N56PX1000Y

2) Touch Pad FFC Cable 14G124200127

3) Power FFC Cable 14G124150103

These are not available here in UK!

Did Google ,but didn't get much help!

Hope these are still available in USA may be with different name or similar??!!...Pls help in right direction.

Thank you

navis995 wrote:
That's ODD. They're official asus spare parts sellers and usually have everything. That is some really bad luck then.

Asus RMA refused to take the laptop for repair saying its old! Begged them to take it at least to find whats the fault, i am glad at least they did. Couldn't find any local trustworthy shop.

you can get all that stuff at Ebay

Mikie21 wrote:
you can get all that stuff at Ebay

Guys, finally found the power switch board in USA ebay website:cool: Seller asking 15dollar for sending to UK,more than the price of board itself! IS it normal?

i am sure the switch board can be send in a small envelope, is there any courier company you can recommend ?

thank you

Yeah, unfortunately shipping is expensive these days with the price of fuel constantly going up. You probably don't have many choices for international orders either. A lot of sellers won't even ship internationally and when they do they use only a single shipping method.
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