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G74SX + Video Editing (CS5.5)

Level 7
Finally bought a G74SX, waiting for it to arrive from Amazon (AH71 + 64GB SSD)...can't wait to begin the clean install, it's my first time, so I'm a bit nervous.

Also got a killer deal on the Adobe Production Premium Bundle (Photoshop/Premiere/AfterEffects/Audition/etc) and am looking to do some video editing here at home. The AH71 has a 500GB hard drive inside, plus I'll have the SSD (but that's just the OS) so I am wondering what type of external drive would be best, and how that's typically set up, for instance, are scratch files best stored on the internal drive or an external drive, etc & what type of External drive is best?

If anyone has any experience with Adobe Premiere on the G74SX, I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks!
G74SX-AH71 | Intel Core i7 2670QM | GTX 560M | 16GB DDR3 | 750GB HDD | Crucial M4 64GB SSD