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G74SX user reviews.

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i am looking at purchasing the G74SX-DH72. Wanted to hear some feedback from people that have this model or earlier models. Any pros and cons list would be greatly appreciated.
A few question that I have.....

Do you like the keyboard?
Have you swapped out any of the HDD for SSD? how was the experience?
Have you upgraded the RAM?
would you have purchased another laptop looking back on it now?
What type of FPS are you getting on BF3 or Crysis2?

Thanks in advance for the responses!

Level 12
My thots being a G74SX owner for about 6 weeks now:
Pros: Solid built and heavy machine: a real desktop replacement with fast processor and graphics, and an immense cooling subsystem for these. Beefy solid hinge, and nice rubber coating for non-slip wrist-rest. Awesome screen (1920x1080 FHD LED). One is its best qualities is the incredibly comfortable and spacious keyboard. Very quiet. Took my upgrade to 16 GB of RAM at 1333 MHz with no problems at all (came with 2x4Gb of RAM, so I bought another two sticks of identical part number to ensure a match). These Forums!!

Cons: Absolutely useless BIOS: no control over anything relevant to performance (e.g. no RAID) or power (e.g no ACPI) really, and lack of ASUS response to this problem. Mediocre battery life (<3 hours). No backup BIOS, meaning a bad flash dooms your machine to RMA. Slightly crippled CPU (does not reach full 2.9 GHz Turbo speed in Windows 7) which also throttles itself downwards when you drive it reasonably hard (but not overly so). Numlock is stuck on forever (BIOS 203). All extra hotkeys for controlling backlit KB, screen brightness, calculator button, power profiles, etc are software controlled, meaning you are constrained to using windows to get those features. Will not work with 4x4GB=16 GB of the new PnP performance DDR3 that runs at 1600 and 1866 MHz (e.g. the Kingston HyperX PnP). Factory install of Win HP is slow and full of polluteware from ASUS, but that can be cleared off with a fresh install of Win7. Power brick is very large.

Despite these problems that I've learned to live with, I have no regrets about buying: a beast that truly exemplifies the desktop replacement category of notebooks!
G74SX-CST1-CBIL, i7 2630QM 2GHz
32GB DDR3 RAM @1333MHz
GTX560M 3GB DDR5 (192 bit)
17.3" LED 1920x1080
Sentelic TP, BIOS 203
Debian Linux Wheezy (Testing) Kernel 3.2, NVIDIA 295.40

I purchased a g74sx bbk7 about four weeks ago and despite being referred to as the gimped model, I have had zero problems so far. I did a clean install and updated all the drivers as suggested on this forum and it runs even better, very happy with this machine for the first time I have a machine that plays all my games at native resolution with great FPS.