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G74SX , upgrade Cpu to 3610QM. It's possible?

Level 7
I want to know if a I7 3610Qm can fix in a g74sx.

The 3610qm is a Ivy bridge, but i've read that it's retro-compatibile with the Sandy bridge.
The socket is the same, the G2, as the TDP (45W)
Only clock and the tecnology, 32nms vs 22 nms (and some little feature) are different

There is some reason why a I7 3610qm couldn't fix in a G74sx?

Level 7

Level 9
Its most likely impossible. Laptop motherboards are matched and designed with these (CPU/GPU) components. Its a highly integrated relationship between components in laptops. Also it would be very complicated and long with like 1% of success...

No, dont even try this...

Level 7
Have you some data, or info to support this?

Upgrade Notebook it's a quite common use.
I've already upgrade my old Amilo pi1536. I've changed cpu and gpu (MXM gt9600) , and it works perfectly. I've upgrade the ram to another laptop with non OEM ram and have no problem.

In theory there is no problem to do this upgrade.
First of all socket are the same, G2 ( rPGA 988B).
The power consuption are the same too, 45W (so there isn't problem with power management, overheating or power loss)
Also cache it's the same (6mb) and the istrution set too (AVX)

Someone with experience that have upgrade the CPU, also with another instead of the 3610qm?