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G74SX-TH71 vs G74SX-XT1

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I'm settled on the G74SX but need to nail down the model. I am having trouble finding the difference between the G74SX-TH71 and the G74SX-XT1. (Other than the 2670QM vs i7-2630QM) If this is the only difference, I don't see why Tigerdirect has the TH71 listed $20 cheaper than the XT1.

Also Has anyone purchased from Tigerdirect before? on the product tour it lists the Game Mouse and Backpack as included, but I don't see anything referenced on the Tigerdirect inventory. Do these only come from specific resellers?

Thanks, Don

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As for as i know only the G74SX-A1 comes with the backpack and mouse. The other two you listed do not. Here is a link about the processor i7-2670QM.

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I also saw this on tigerdirect this weekend. To me it seems like the th71 is a newer model because of the 2670QM processor since it is newer compared to the 2630QM. that is what i'm guessing. If anyone has more info please help!

Watch out! The TH71 display resolution is only 1600 x 900.