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G74sx Ram Upgrade: What you need to know

Level 9
RAM Upgrade knowledge article for G74sx

In this Post
Section 1: 1600Mhz RAM test on G74sx with 2860QM.

Section 2: Best Ram options for G74sx with different/common CPU's

Section 3: How to pick the right RAM for your G74sx Gaming Notebook.

Section 1.
Testing Kingston 1600Mhz CL11 Ram Modules on G74sx upgraded with a 2860QM CPU.

Test 1:
32gb (4x8GB), DDR3, 1600Mhz, CL11, 1.5v modules (KVR16N11H/8)
(accepts 32gb but down clocked to 1333Mhz)

Test 2:
32gb (4x8GB), DDR3L, 1600Mhz, CL11, 1.35v modules (KVR16LS11/8)
(accepts 32gb but down clocked to 1333Mhz)

Test 3:
24gb (3x8GB), @ 1.5v & 1.35v independently and down clocked to 1333mhz

Test 4:
16gb (2x8GB), @ 1.5v & 1.35v independently and mixed, both stayed at 1600mhz.

PC can handle 1600mhz up to 16GB of ram, with either voltage sticks, but above 16GB, something in the BIOS/motherboard makes it downclock to 1333Mhz, incase anyone else was curious.


Section 2.
Best RAM options for G74sx with either a I7 2630QM, 2670QM, or 2860QM CPU (Gaming in mind)

(DISCLAIMER : You MUST read Section 3 before you run out and buy ram to be "quicker")
Size/amount of ram is whats most important given the limitations of CPU, BIOS, and Motherboard.

If your using I7 2860QM CPU, your best options are:


Important Note: 1333Mhz with CL9 is .25 of a nano second quicker than 1600Mhz, with CL11 used in test. (see "Formula" below)

For I7-2670QM CPU, your best options are:
(2670QM can only support max 1333Mhz see: Intel-Core-i7-2670QM-Processor though i do not have this CPU to confirm)


If your using I7 2630QM CPU, your best option is:
(2630QM can only support max 16GB ram and max 1333Mhz speed see: Intel-Core-i7-2630QM-Processor)



Section 3.
TIPs for picking the Right RAM for your gaming PC:

Rule of thumb:

The less Modules, the better. eg 2x8gb (16gb) modules is quicker than 4x4gb (16gb) modules.

The lower CL (CAS Latency) the better.

Use the following calculation to see which Modules are quicker in NANO seconds for NON-Sequential Read Latency (to benefit gaming)
2000 x CL / Mhz =

For an example, I will compare my original 1333Mhz CL9 modules Vs the 1600Mhz CL11 modules used in the tests above.

2000 x 9 / 1333 = 13.5 nano seconds response time of NON-Sequential Reads
2000 x 11 / 1600 = 13.75 nano seconds

Remember this is in NANO SECONDS! A nanosecond (ns) is an SI unit of time equal to one billionth of a second
Or one nanosecond is to one second, as is one second is to 31.71 years.

Sooo.. F#@k ALL! impossible to tell any difference. And unfortunately the best CPU for G74 can only handle 1600Mhz, that rules out anything with a higher Mhz, which you would need to be able see any real world benefits.


Level 7
I have the 4gb version. If I want to add more RAM do I have to get another 4gb card to match? Or can I put in an 8gb one for a total of 12gb RAM?

ItsTheMightyD wrote:
I have the 4gb version. If I want to add more RAM do I have to get another 4gb card to match? Or can I put in an 8gb one for a total of 12gb RAM?

You can add an extra 8gb on top, sure, but just make sure its the same type of memory card in all other aspects apart from the capacity.