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G74SX Purple Screen of Death !!!

Level 7
Hi all. I got a problem and needs help and advise. 😞

I recently got a purple screen of death where everything on the screen went purple with some black dots and just freeze there until I hold down the power button to turn my laptop off. It just happened all of the sudden while i'm watching movie. I didn't event use any program but a windows media player to watch a movie.

I've never seen that before and I checked on the internet, I found out that some how it's call the purple screen of death. It's kind of similar name to the blue screen of death and I know what causes the blue screen of death but i have no idea what causes the purple screen of death.

So, the question are what is this purple screen of death? how did this happened? is there any damage to my laptop if this purple screen happened? how to prevent this from happening? does it have anything to do with the GTX 560M graphic card? 😞

Level 7
what is your blue screen codes?

Level 8
might be GTX 560 related, others with chime in soon...... does it happen with any video quality or HD quality only, etc, also what Nvidia driver you using ? might try doing a clean install of a newer driver....... 290.53 works really well, i would give it a try. Good luck
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Thanks for the reply. 🙂

About the blue screen codes, i can't remember it because it happened long time ago when i was using my old laptop and now it's long gone. It has never been happened on the g74sx yet.

About the purple screen of death, now i'm using the 295.51 driver and i remember clearly that i was clean installed this driver. Well maybe i should try it again.

Level 14
1) What are the steps to reproduce your PSOD?

2) What version NVIDIA driver are you currently running?

3) @Boosted_R's recommendation to clean install a different NVIDIA driver is a good first step. Boot into Safe Mode, launch the NVIDIA installer, choose "Custom Install", then check the "Clean Install" checkbox. I'd probably stay away from the latest 295 beta driver and agree that the 290.53 version would be a good choice for a beta, otherwise, the 285.62 WHQL if you want an official release.
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Level 14
If the issue reoccurs, I would recommend backrevving to 290.53. You can read about issues reported for 295.51 in this thread: You could also contribute your experience with this beta.

NVIDIA claims a 295 WHQL will be released soon. It may be worth a wait rather than backrevving if your issue is infrequent.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

I actually just got this tonight. Had a folder full of WMV files (commercials I've produced - each one about 3mb) and clicked on one after another just watching them. About the tenth one I watched the screen froze and turned a purple pixelated color. I could still see the desktop, it was almost as if a pixelated purple hue was applied to the whole screen. I could slowly move the mouse for a few seconds and then it just stopped. I held the power down and shut it off, restarted windows normally and all is fine.

Did a check for new graphics card drivers (GTX 560M) but I've got the latest one. Seems to be fine now though.
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