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G74SX problems with: TouchPad and Recovery CD

Level 7
Got yest G74SX, nice killing machine thanks Asus!

but got a small problem, i'm using external mouse and i set in touchpad properties ""disable touch pad while external USB mouse...."

it was working untill i restart laptop, now i whent to prperties again, did uncheck > apply and check apply and touch pad still working 😞 In Live Update nothing is available to download all is up to date.

2nd think, is there any possibilities to make recovery DVD on usb flash drive? I'm not using CD/DVD almost 2 years 🙂 During creating Recovery CD only posibility to use DVD =(

Level 7
1st problem is solved, instaled lates drivers TouchPad Version V15.2.16.1 and disabeld touchpad from properties, after restarting works perfectly!

2d question is still opened 🙂 i have usb 32 GB can i make it as recovery usb, DVDs is not handy 😛

Level 10
I don't know about a recovery flash drive, but you can download the windows 7 disc image in Chastity's sticky for the G-series laptops and apply that to a flash drive. Then you can copy all of the relevant apps from Asus that you use. It's actually a quicker way to do a clean install than using the 4 DVDs.

i have partition "RECOVERY", so i guess from this partition asus will make recovery DVD's so if i copy this to usb flash & if one day windows will crash i can reinstall it?
this map have almost all files tht normal windows need to install, just need conformation ^^

If you want to use the Recovery partition you just press F9 during boot; No DVD is required for this operation. The recovery DVD is an alternative for when you can't or don't want to use the partition.
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Level 10
And do not delete the Recovery partition. The DVD's you make are useless without it.

Personally, I removed the AI Recovery app, as I find it useless, and I use Acronis to make images to external HDD's.
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