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G74SX Power Issues after Cleaning and Disassembly

Level 7
I have owned my G74SX for about 2+ years now(don't remember the exact date). I was getting all adventurous and decided to rid the rear exhaust vents of super-clogged dust. I just removed the back panel, and used a brush to clear any little dust off the HDDs and the ram sticks and used a vaccum pipe to suck as well as blow of dust from the vents. Finished it, closed the lid, lappy started off fine, I was installing ccleaner when all of a sudden the OS froze, no response from trackpad or the keypad, so I did a hard shutdown by holding down the power button. When I powered it on again, I can hear the fans running slightly, the caps-lock and num-lock leds stay lighted, but there is no display and it remains like that.

I went the extra-mile and unscrewed the whole thing after following some quick youtube guides, cleared off more dust blobs, and fit back the screws neatly(Stupid thing to do on retrospection). Now it does not even power up, power button does nothing, even the charging led-indicator stays off, no activity whatsoever, and I'm at my wits end, how do I fix it and revert it to normal state?

I'm thinking that maybe some power connectors or display connectors got loosened up, but otherwise I'm at my wits end, help please...

Level 7
Never use a vacuum on a laptop of similar electronic device. the airflow rubbing against the parts and the hose itself can introduce static.

You might have killed it.

Double check ram and connectors across the board, if still doesn't work you have probably killed it.
[G74SX-BBK11] 1080p i7-2670QM GTX 560M 2GB 8GB RAM 128GB SanDisk SSD BIOS 203 /w BD-PROCHOT disabled

checked thoroughly, luckily it was only a loose ffc cable from the keypad to the motherboard. Flipped the port switch and resat the cable, powered on fine. Will never do that again, but on an other note, I seemed to have bruised the ffc cable for the second hdd slightly, it seems to have a very tiny part of the lead pins on the blue end missing(40% of the last lead on the blue end is missing), giving me bsods after a few minutes of disk activity after booting to desktop in windows, could the slightly missing lead pin on the cable be the reason?