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G74SX power brick burnout

Level 7
Hello all
Due to a power surge, my laptop's power adapter is effectively kaput, to the extent that if I try plugging it in on its own, it trips the circuit breaker. An electrician confirmed that it's a lost cause, so I'm looking for replacements. I'm learning that this is easier said than done. The original unit has an output of 19.5v and 7.7A. Contacting an Asus reseller, the closest match they had was with an output of 19v and 6.32A. The shop owner assured me that it'd work, but I have my doubts, so I thought I'd ask here. While a half a volt doesn't sound like a too big a difference, I'm not sure what a 1.5A discrepancy would do. I know the general rule is that less of anything is less likely to do damage than more of something, but again, I'd like to make sure.
As a plan B, there's one more option, but this one leaves me in doubt even more. I have a friend that has the G75, its adapter sports an output of 19.5v, but 9.23A. I'm not sure if it's a viable option, so I'll ask here for confirmation.
For now my own computer's battery is flat, and I'm just looking for anything to charge it as getting a new adapter of any kind will take around two weeks.
I'd appreciate any input on the current options.
Thanks in advance.

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If you haven't already, try searching 'G74Sx adapter' under the ROG forums to find more related articles like the one below by one member reporting the G75VW 180w adapter was working for their G74Sx notebook under post #9 if you want to trust it.

Multiply the volts and amps to calculate the watts and 19V*6.32A is only about 120 Watts which is smaller than your (19.5V*7.7A) 'about 150w' adapter, so not a good idea to use that smaller adapter although it should be able to charge the battery okay while the notebook is turned off.

As far as the G75 19.5V/9.23A 180w adapter goes, as long at the voltage is correct, you don't need to worry about the higher amps since it just means the adapter can supply more power if needed which you may want to think of in terms of desktop power supplies too if you are familiar with them (all other things being equal, people usually aren't too worried about using larger wattage desktop power supplies for their desktop computers).

Hope this helps.