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G74sx-nh71 Second hard drive needs a special sata cable to connect?

Level 7
Hello fellas. I'm posting because I have a G74sx-nh71. I just bought a Samsung SSD EVO PRO And when I was going to install it, apparently there's no interface. But there is a weird sata port which a conventional sata cable can't be plugged in. Also I cant find the interface for the electric current to flow to the disk? How does this work? Anyone has any idea if I need a cable or the interface is hidden somewhere else? Or how can I install it? Maybe a step by step guide?

Help will be much appreciated! Thank you.

Level 9
can you try install to HDD bay one, is it ok? i think one and two are same, or you mean hdd two have not HDD track?
can you post photo?

Level 7
step by step

1. buy this, or a cheaper version.

2. buy this,

3. buy this,

4. put the hdd in the caddy, attach the sata bridge, install the ribbon cable.

5. open the back cover of the comp.

6. install the assembly and plug in the ribbon on the mobo just above the primary hdd.

7. boot and let windows do its thing.

Can anyone find this damn adapter anywhere? I called ASUS because they closed their store on line and they never called me back.

There are a couple on ebay for $90 each. I REALLY wish I had researched ASUS a little better before buying one of their computers. This laptop rips but if a $2 cable will keep it from being fully usable, then why buy their product? I'm actually fairly pissed about this. They could have used a standard SATA cable but chose not to. They could have hard-wired the 2nd HD slot like the 1st but chose not to. They could have included this cable under the 2nd caddy but chose not to. What they did choose to do is to create a proprietary cable then stop selling it to force a re-purchase.