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G74SX Keyboard replacement

Level 7
Hello guys, I have my G74SX for about half a year and absolutely love it, but there is one thing that is problematic in it, which is the keyboard.

I found searching the web and this forum that keyboard issues is somewhat common with this notebook, mine is no exception, basically almost all the keys from G to the left have some kind of problem that make it miss a lot of key strokes when typing, at first I thought it was a bios, or driver problem, but even updating everything the issue still happens.

As a crap fix I put some tape between the buttons and the plastic contact thingy, works great on almost all keys, at least is way better than before, I can type without missing characters if I press the button a little more harder than normal.

The biggest problem is the "v" key, which even with a lot of tape to improve the contact of the button it stills misses a lot of key stroke when typing, which for me, being a programmer, is not acceptable.

So, what I decided to do is buy a keyboard replacement for the G74SX, by far I found some on ebay, what I want to ask you guys is if someone who did replace the keyboard or someone that works in the area knows what are the chances that I will buy a keyboard with faulty keys like the original that came with my notebook.

Basically I am afraid of buying it, waiting 1 month for it to come (I do not live in USA) and then having the same problems I have with my original keyboard.

Thanks a lot!

Fingers only, normally I force the top of the button out, and the the bottom one.

I saw in some place a tool specific to remove keys, but I'm not sure the name and if it is for normal keyboards or notebook ones.