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G74SX Keyboard replacement

Level 7
Hello guys, I have my G74SX for about half a year and absolutely love it, but there is one thing that is problematic in it, which is the keyboard.

I found searching the web and this forum that keyboard issues is somewhat common with this notebook, mine is no exception, basically almost all the keys from G to the left have some kind of problem that make it miss a lot of key strokes when typing, at first I thought it was a bios, or driver problem, but even updating everything the issue still happens.

As a crap fix I put some tape between the buttons and the plastic contact thingy, works great on almost all keys, at least is way better than before, I can type without missing characters if I press the button a little more harder than normal.

The biggest problem is the "v" key, which even with a lot of tape to improve the contact of the button it stills misses a lot of key stroke when typing, which for me, being a programmer, is not acceptable.

So, what I decided to do is buy a keyboard replacement for the G74SX, by far I found some on ebay, what I want to ask you guys is if someone who did replace the keyboard or someone that works in the area knows what are the chances that I will buy a keyboard with faulty keys like the original that came with my notebook.

Basically I am afraid of buying it, waiting 1 month for it to come (I do not live in USA) and then having the same problems I have with my original keyboard.

Thanks a lot!

Level 7
No one made an keyboard replacement in the forum to tell me if it works nice? =(

Level 10
If you are having typing issues with the new G74SX keyboard, I would recommend updating to ATK 1.0.00010. The issues with using the KB on the G74SX-3DE model I am testing here were fixed with this update.

You will need to uninstall the stock 1.0.0008 version, reboot, then install the 1.0.00010 package, and then reboot again.

BIOS allows for NumPad keys to function normally in games, and addresses lag and other abnormalities. ]

Level 7
Thanks for trying Sukara, but the issue the OP is describing is the same one I and others are suffering from and no driver will fix it. The hardware below the V key is just sub-par and doesn't detect key presses unless the pressure is applied in the dead center of the key. However based on the orientation of hands (unless they happen to be very big), most people actuate the V key off center and the keyboard does not detect those very well at all.

So a hardware fix is required and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any easy fixes

Yes, as Bojamijams already said, the problem is in the hardware and not in the software, unfortunaly.. That's why I'm trying to know how many people have the problem and people who have replaced the keyboard have it in the new one too.

It looks like you Bojamijams have exactly the same issue I have, do you plan on replacing it with a new one or something to try to fix it?

PS: one thing I plan to do when I buy a new keyboard (and if that keyboard comes with the broken key to hehe) is this fix: it looks like a really good one, but I don't want to try it without a replacement

Level 7
Yeah I was thinking of linking that thread for you but I'm still unsure of how to actually remove the key so didn't want to risk being responsible for showing you something and risking damage to the key. I've tried to fix my V and Space keys (the worst offenders) but trying to simply lift the key off seems to require way too much force for it to be right. I've tried lifting in certain directions to see if it 'slides out' of its holster but haven't had luck... so... still scared. Wish someone would provide a video / pics of which way to lift / how to remove keys.

Hi, hope im at the right place. I am having lots of problems with my kb.Jumping from the end of a sentence to the middle when typing , letters not working, not just the V key.
tried the links for the upgrade above but cant get them.
Any help would be great as this is realy cheesing me off, especialy when trying to write a mail .

Level 7
You're hitting the touchpad with your thumb as you're typing.. its a problem with all PC based laptops, only apple seems to be smart enough and understand design (and the human anatomy) and places the touchpad well below the keyboard to prevent this.

If you use a mouse, you can enable a setting that disables the touchpad when an external mouse is plugged in.. its somewhere in your touchpad settings... alternatively, there's a setting called U-Sense or.. something sense.. that disabled the touchpad when keyboard is being typed and you have to touch the touchpad in a specific (user customizable) spot to re-enable the touchpad

As for the letters not working, the only way is to follow the link above sezaru mentioned and basically lift the offending key and stick a piece of cardboard in

When you say the keys you mean the plastic button with the V or the white plastic behind it which make the contact with the board? if it's the button, I did remove it several times, and I always simple pull it off with some force which indeed looked like it would break or something, but it always worked great, I'm not telling you this is the right way to do it, as I don't want to be responsible to screw other people keyboard too hehe.

about the link, I don't know if I understood it right, but I think he says that the white plastic behind the button is removable, if that is true than it wpuld indeed be a easy fix, but I need someone who already messed with it confirm to even start thinking messing with it.

Level 7
Yes I was referring to the black plastic button with the "V" on it.

Did you use tweezers or something to get the lifting force required? Or just with fingers? And why did I lose my ASUS VIP tag? hah