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G74sx Hard Drive Upgrade: It CAN handle over 1.5TB!

Level 9
Hi all, I have seen posts around the web claiming the G74sx can only handle a max of 1.5TB of storage.

This is NOT TRUE in my case.

I have currently installed a 1TB SSD in primary bay, 1TB HDD in secondary bay, and have 750GB HDD in the optical bay.

so if you need more storage, go ahead, all i can recommend is what I have though, 2TB in the main bays.

How to properly install.

A lot of people make the mistake of simply installing the drive, booting straight into windows once and finding that windows has not recognized the drive then think its too big for the laptop (as seen first hand from my local PC repairer)

Step 1.
After your PC has properly shutdown, remove the battery and power supply.

Step 2.
Hold the power button down for 10 seconds. this flushes any residual electrical charge stored in the machine’s circuitry, also known as a "Hard Reset".

Step 3.
Install the drive where you want it. (the drive with the cable is the secondary or NON OS drive)

Step 4.
Plug your power supply back in. (no need for battery to be in, this saves having to flip device over again and again if you need to remove the drive if all doesnt work)

Step 5.
Boot into BIOS on first boot, depending on you BIOS version, repeatedly press either F2, DEL, F12 when the ASUS logo appears. Its F2 on my G74sx with v204 bios.

Step 6.
Once in bios, navigate to BOOT tab, and scroll to change hard drive boot priorities near the bottom and select it, it should then show the hard drives currently installed,
now hit F10 to "save and exit" and select yes. (if the hard drive didn't show in the list, press F10 to save and exit, and boot into bios again by repeating steps 5-6.

Step 7.
Once you accepted to save and exit in BIOS, it will restart and boot normally into windows
and that's it, you should see your new drive in file explorer. if not perform a restart and boot straight into windows normally.

Hope this was helpful. 🙂