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G74SX - Disabling Touchpad on Windows 10

Level 7
Is this even possible? The one thing I absolutely despise about using laptops are the consistently awful touchpads. The FN key doesn't work, uninstalling the mouse in device manager doesn't work because it just gets reinstalled on next restart, I've tried switching it to use another random driver and not even THAT worked.

I'm out of ideas. Anyone know how to do this?

And oh yes, the "disable" option is grayed out in mouse settings. Help me kill this thing please.

Level 9
You can disable the touchpad w/ the Win10 version of Asus Smart Gesture...

The Smart Gesture icon will show up in the tray once installed. Select the Mouse Detection tab--> Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged-in.
Laptop: Asus G750JZ
OS: Win10

Level 7
If you are there install the ATK Package driver as well, this will fix your problems
Laptop: G751JL
Processor: i7-4750HQ
Graphics Card: GTX 965M
Memory: 8 GB Samsung (stock)
Storage #1: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
Storage #2: 1 TB 7200 rpm (stock)
OS: Windows 10 x64

Neither package would install for me. I get an installer package error.

Level 7
This article have the solution !!!!!! when I download Sentelic for: ASUS ROG G74SX * I can't install it; but when you update the driver from the mouse configuration interface in win10 it works !!! ::::::: if the article disappears here is the link for download