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G74SX Burning smoking Help!

Level 7
HI there i have G74sx laptop was playing dota2 on the latest drivers...
i only updated today as well.. may have caused the problem .. i was playing dota2 and after like 30 min into the game i smelt a burning smell.. couldn't see smoke but smelt like it.. and i closed the game. and looked at the temp's GPU was 68 and cpu was 68.
i clan i out often with an air can..

anyhow so i turned the game off and laptop was running fine then i tried loading it again and suddenly turned the laptop off.
. i was like... oh dear.. so i tried turning it on again worked fine.. so i turned it off and opened up he back tested the ram sticks and no pins were burnt so i took the laptop apart and found a problem.. with a chip right next to where u plug in the power.
looks bubbled and burnt.. the laptop still works.. i have not tried it with a game since..
((the picture is of the motherboard))

as im not tempted until i understand what is wrong.. anyone have an idea .. here i an image... of the chip32221

Hi Dan kn, Welcome to the ROG community. Thank You for posting the picture. Unfortunately, it looks like you hit a stroke of bad luck. If your laptop is still under warranty set up an RMA immediately.

yeah i thought so and the warranty is gone a wile ago =( anyone know what the chip is?

Level 7
No idea on what that is, are you using the stock original power supply?

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G53SW-A1 User

Level 7
If the chip is near where you plug in the power supply it is most likely one of the diodes that control the voltage. If you can remove the whole board that the chip is attached to, you may be able to get a new one through E-Bay (I did that with another laptop), or a laptop parts supplier. You will need the numbers off the board to be sure you get the right one though. If it is not a sub assembly then you will be crap out of luck except to RMA it for repairs.

What happened with my other laptop was a bit different though. A chip did not burn, but the plug that the power supply plugged into burnt the solder off then shorted the actual board. Seeing as you already took apart the computer you know how to change it out if it is available.
If you try E-Bay use this search term: G74SX power board. That should get you want you need.

i think i found out what that chip dose... (yes im using the original powersuply and no over clocking or anything.. it only happened after a nvida update... so not sure if that was the cause... but it works this is what it does..

i tern it on..i can plug it in works but the power dose not hold hold and uses the battery power.. and i cant use the laptop with out the battery ether.. i know u used to be able to.. the battery gets really hot and ****s it self and terns off after 5-10 min.. so i don't know whats went wrong.. and i cant see what the chip was called or what it is as its like bubbled.. and how would u find out what the numbers of the board are? i know most of the time ebay or the supplier only sell bios chips (i have replaced a bios chip in a HP laptop once) got it off e-bay... it mabe a diode chip for a 2011 laptop.. i may be out of luck
il give is a shot tho.i just have no clue to find out what to do with this ..(mean wile on e-bay) thanks for the heads up! G74SX power board!

Level 7
wont let me update or edit the post for an odd reason.. and the picture its the mother board right next to where you plug in the power and looks like the laptop dose not charge =S and buy the looks nothing on ebay other then bios chips there are a few others but not sure what im looking for.anyidear how? may be a simple cheap thing. i have the tools to replace and re-solder just lost on this one =S