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G74SX Bluetooth stopped after Fall Creators Update

Level 9
I have a G74SX that I upgraded to Windows 10 during the first year free upgrade period, it's been working fine but after installing the Fall Creators Update my Bluetooth now no longer works and device manager shows this error "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code 43". Of the two suggestions I found online, the first was to uninstall and then choose "Scan for hardware changes" and allow the device to be reinstalled - this didn't work; the second is "get a newer driver".

The driver currently installed is a genuine Atheros driver dated 5/18/2016, so really not that old and I don't think I need to tell anyone here that the biggest scams on the internet can be found on "driver update" websites so I trust nothing unless it's from the manufacturers website. I can't seem to locate a Qualcomm website where I can download newer drivers and Asus own website has nothing for this model.

Anyone have any idea's on how to get this to work?

Level 13 They Do Not offer Drivers

toronto699 wrote: They Do Not offer Drivers

So how am I supposed to fix this problem with my Bluetooth? I have a Bluetooth Wireless mouse and obviously it doesn't work right now and I hate track pads?

Same problem...

For the short term I went to Cortana, typed in Troubleshoot... then selected Bluetooth in the list of things to troubleshoot.
It had to re-intall the bluetooth module... made everything work again...until the PC was rebooted, then same occurred.

The driver update you suggested (5.18.2016)...wondering whether to revert back to the driver that's listed for Win 7? (11.24.2011)