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G74sx-bbk8 Screen starts flickering then goes black still running...

Level 7
Hey guys i thought id just pop in here and ask I just got this BBK8 on black friday and its been a champ running everything solid and well. Ive of course formatted and put on my own Win7 Pro and loaded needed drivers like ATK. Thing is it doesnt matter when it happens as its VERY random but my screen will flicker with red blocky squares then sometimes it will pop back on or other times it will stay off. The light is still on so i just lose image! Example i just heard Avast has updated after screen went dark.

Weird thing is if i shut it down and turn it back on it will be fine again. Sometimes for hours of gaming to al the sudden just messing around on chrome it will mess up. If i just restart the laptop it will continue to mess up it requires a complete power down to fix.

Any ideas?

Level 7
Forgot to mention this is very important if i hookup an external screen the external screen will work FINE! while laptop screen isnt!

Level 14
Unfortunately, it sounds like a loose or faulty LCD video cable (since your external monitor does not exhibit the problem). Since you are beyond 30 days, I doubt if the retailer will exchange it or refund you, but I would certainly give them a call...
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT