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G74sx BBK7 Motherboard??

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I see that G74sx-BBK7's motherboard is different from G74sx-A1's.
What are the name of the motherboards?

I have bricked BBK7, and i was wondering if i could replace it with A1's motherboard?

I need the part name for both laptop. I remember seeing it but can't find it now(I been searching for hour).

Thank you.

Also, if I bricked after Bios, if I change motherboard, would it solve the problem?(this is just in case the last resort if the ASUS doesn't RMA mine.)

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Well the BIOS is built onto the motherboard
Read the User's Manual for more info. 😄

G74SX-A1 BIOS 203
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yes. should i just order new bios or motherboard? or just take it to computershop to reflash? i don't know how it works.

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Take it to Geek Squad, and they will ship it to their regional repair center for the fix under warranty.
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