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G74SX: Battery Not Charging Any Longer

Level 7
For 8 years (since March 2012), I have kept this G74SX running (even I am amazed). Sure, an A/C charger and a couple of HDDs have been replaced. Running on SSD now. Most everything else is original, including the battery! (Of course the touchpad died years ago, but the USB mouse has been the solution.)

But the 8-year old battery is not charging up (I don't think it's the A/C charger). Shutdowns happen as the percentage (9-11% hovering) occur.

The missus said long ago I should get something new, and I'm sure the OEMs agree. But what are all my options?

  • Can I open this case up and re-wire it so that the battery is not needed and it runs off A/C, which it has been doing for a dozen years now? Yes, I know the risk of turning a laptop into what is effectively a desktop not on a UPS.
  • Can I find a new cheap battery which might keep this beast going for another 5 years? Yeah, I'm the kind to keep a car for 20-25 years just to show I can keep it going.
  • Or should I just give the G74SX a tearful funeral and say "you done good. Now rest in peace" and do what the missus told me: get a new one?

Level 12
Past time you get a new battery.......

The problem will be finding one that is any good. I service a couple those G74s in the neighborhood and I have yet to find good batteries for them. The batteries I have purchased online have been bad (less than 50%). I have a shop charger to charge these batteries out of the laptop and so far have no purchased a good battery that will accept a charge. These batteries are all flat and once flat will not recover.

I advised my neighbors to retire their laptops.

You may want to do the same.

Good Luck
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Level 7
Thanks for the advice.

I actually don't care if the battery holds a charge since I have always had the G74 on the A/C. I just need the battery not to deteriorate to the point that it refuses to keep the machine powered up and indicating to the system it is less than 10% charged while on the A/C. If it can do that a few more years, I think it's worth getting a replacement battery.

By the way, what would you recommend in a new system? I'm thinking to go back to a build-my-own desktop and this time with a big high-rez monitor (yeah, I was using the 17-inch G74 screen). I don't do gaming at all, just web dev both for myself and my employer.