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G74SX battery not charging and unable to turn it on without the battery as well

Level 7
Hello. I have a month with a problem in my laptop after 2 years of perfect performance.

i was using the laptop plugged in and a few hours later the laptop died because the battery was out of charge. i try to turn it on unplugged and the laptop turned on but dies a minutes later because of the the low battery. Then i try it plugged without the battery and the battery indicator starts to blink in orange, like you can see it in the video. I try it with another Ac adapter with the same results (the battery nor the AC adapter are the problem)

After a little research i decided to open the laptop by myself to check the motherboard and i saw that the jack power connections was a little bit dark, so supposing that the jack power was the problem i bought a replacement from USA and i take it to a local store to change it. My surprise was when i got the laptop back and i plugged it in again, just to see the same led blinking.

My main problem is that in my country i dont have asus tech support and no chance at all to get a new laptop or a new motherboard to fix this one so i need your help to fix it.


I opened the laptop again a few minutes ago and i saw this, this happens after the replacement of the jack power.