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G74S display got a horizontal line in the middle after recovery

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I did an AI recovery of my Asus G74S notebook today and since then I have a horizontal line in the middle of the display. I tried to change resolution but nothing helps. The line is here during the startup and in the Windows 7 OS.

I also upgraded the drivers and it didn't help. The only difference was that after driver upgrade the highest resolution is 1280 x 1024 and I definitely can't set it to 1920 x 1080 anymore.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

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Welcome to the forums!

Tap 'F2' at power-up to confirm the problem also appears in the bios and outside of Windows, but unfortunately, the horizontal line is usually a hardware defect with the screen if it shows up everywhere, so sounds like it may have just been a strange concidence that it occurred at the same time you were reimaging the hard drive.

If you are still under warranty, contact your local ASUS service center, otherwise, if it is out-of-warrany, you may want to attach an external monitor if possible, or decide if it's really worth the price to fix.

Assume you can fix the screen resolution issue yourself, but feel free to let us know if you want any help with this.

You’re right.
When I go to BIOS I still have that line. I connected an external monitor and the external monitor doesn’t have this line. That means the graphic card isn’t the problem. The display must be.

No. It’s just a few months over the warranty.

Do you think I should change the display? Is there any diagnostic software that I could use to see what exactly is wrong?

The services here are very bad actually. I’m not going to give them this computer because they will send it somewhere and then after a few months the whole computer components will be changed before they will find a faulty one.

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Unfortunately, haven't heard of anybody repairing the LCD panel itself, or know of a way to check into it more, so expect the panel just needs to be replaced.

It really depends on your situation if you want to change the display since factors include cost, how much longer you plan to use this notebook etc.
Everyone is different and I may be a little biased since I work for ASUS, but if possible, put the money towards a newer system if you can afford it rather than an out-of-warranty system that may eventually have other things wear out or go bad (like the fan, hard drive, battery, etc.).

If you didn't already know, you can get an external USB hard drive housing to transfer your data to a different system if this makes any difference.

Also, consider converting this system for stationary use with an external monitor like a desktop if it makes sense.

Yes, if you decide to fix it, find someone you can trust to do a good job at a reasonable price, but any competent tech should know the problem is with the LCD screen if you want to test or check with them before letting them fix it.


You see. I build all the desktop PCs myself and they work. I don't build them for the period of the warranty. I don't remember I would have any problem with these. When Windows 8 was out I tested it on an old PC that I first built in the year of 2001. And it worked.

I purchased this Asus G74 because all the statistics mentioned how Asus is failure free. I was quite disappointed that I received all of the bloatware installed from Asus. And all those tiny partitions. Having a faulty display now I think I will really think more than twice if I'll ever purchase another product from Asus.

I just got instructions on how to disassemble this computer and to replace the display. I'll do it myself and if it would work OK otherwise I'll just throw it away and never look at Asus again.