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G73SW - Blackouts & Reboots

Level 7
Hey Everyone,

Long time lurker first time poster. I have a G73SW (GTX 460M) with everything running at stock and nothing overheating. However I am getting the below issues randomly

1. Ethernet randomly disappears
2. Blackouts/Reboot during gaming (no BSOD just a Kernal 41 in the event log)
3. USB 3 disconnects

I took it in for RMA (SYD Australia) and told the techs its most likely a Motherboard issue and all they did was re-image it. It was then stable until i started gaming again(Guild Wars, Diablo III, Guildwars 2 Beta). Temps are fine rarely getting above 70c

I still firmly believe that its a motherboard issue. Is there a way I can force the RMA Techs to replace the motherboard? Has anyone else had this issue?



Level 14
You need to provide a reliable step-by-step reproduction scenario that involves stock configuration (i.e. ASUS Factory Recovery) with only one game installed - no other additional 3rd party software to the ASUS tech servicing your laptop.

Once you have the reproduction scenario, I also recommend you PM Mason@ASUS and cl-scott on this forum to help ensure your RMA is properly handled.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Thanks, Its just very had to reproduce as it is so random. Will keep working on it and see what I can find.