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G73sw black screen

Level 7
Hi All,
Here is my issue.. Turn on my computer lights go on the keyboard and looks like HD is working but I get a black screen Tried the VGA out and same no display black screen. Is this for sure a bad GPU card? If yes can I do a reflow on it? If so how do I do it? If I buy a new card can I upgrade without any issues? Are the used ones out china good? What do you all suggest? Thanks

Level 7
I'm curious if anyone has an answer to this, since I'm getting the same problem myself. Mine seems to be intermittent. Sometimes when this happens if I power off and on a few times it comes back on. I have noticed that since I wiped the system and reinstalled I haven't had this problem (knock on wood), but I'm worried it will pop back up. Thanks.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
1. If you're getting power, suggest tapping the 'F2' key as soon as you turn on the unit just to confirm you are not even getting into the bios since some people report that same problem when they are only having a problem getting into the Windows desktop.

2. Try connecting an external monitor too as already mentioned just to confirm it isn't a problem with just the notebook screen.

Otherwise, if the system is not 'posting' or getting into the bios, the problem could really be several things from memory, motherboard, and/or GPU as well as other things.

Unfortunately, not sure what is the most common reason for this problem, but if you can do them safely, try some of the easier things like removing the battery, removing additional memory, or even removing the hard drive, just to make sure they aren't related.

A bad vga card and/or motherboard are definitely 2 things that could be causing the problem though if it's still not working though, but unfortunately, you cannot be sure until you have some good hardware to try.