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G73SW battery LED blinking green/orange when plugged in. Need to replace?

Level 7
I've had my G73SW for over 4 years now. I mainly use it as a desktop replacement, where I keep it plugged into AC power but also have the battery inside.

A few days ago, the battery LED suddenly started blinking, alternating between green and orange. Blinking orange denotes <10% battery when unplugged, and green means >95% charge when plugged in. There is nothing in the manual about blinking green/orange.

HWinfo64 tells me the wear level on the battery is 44.9%, and Windows says it's holding at "97% available (plugged in, not charging)."

After some searching, I have tried to boot up the PC without the battery, power down, and reboot with the battery in. This fixes the issue for roughly 2 hours, but then the blinking starts again.

My main concern is if this can damage the laptop, or if I can just ignore this and keep using it normally. I have also read that running on AC power with the battery removed may cause performance drops. Is this true? Should I buy a cheap grey market battery?

Thanks for the input.