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G73SW and 770M upgrade is possible

Level 10
Hi. Hi. Just want to anounce to all that 770m upgrade on asus G73SW is possible
I am in process of instaling video driver now, will come back with benchmarks later.
Also I am pretty sure 780m upgrade is possible to. Not sure of heat problems though.
770m I installed is from Dell and vbios modding is necessary to get upgrade.
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Rector Orbis wrote:
If anyone interested I have for sale working GTX 770m with moded bios and Heatsink redy to go in G73. Im going back to 460m because I need HDMI.

Hey Im interested in the card, PM sent.

Level 7


I have an Asus g73sw and ive upgraded it to an
n i7 2860qm, and gtx 560m from the original 460m. that was tricky, but i got it working very well and didn't have to do any vbios work. I have decided it is time to upgrade to the 780m and sell the 560m. From all the posts I have read in this thread, ill be needing the standard mxm form factor 780m (dell or clevo... not big asus board), an x bracket, a jh gpu heatsink, and a bigger power brick. I have never done any vbios work so i have no idea where to start with that. I had to boot w/drivers unsigned and edit .inf to get the 560m to work, so if that needs to be done, im up to it. Am i missing anything? I am also open to trying a 965m or quadro m5000m, or 680mx if those are possible since they outperform 780m and are about the same price.