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G73SW and 770M upgrade is possible

Level 10
Hi. Hi. Just want to anounce to all that 770m upgrade on asus G73SW is possible
I am in process of instaling video driver now, will come back with benchmarks later.
Also I am pretty sure 780m upgrade is possible to. Not sure of heat problems though.
770m I installed is from Dell and vbios modding is necessary to get upgrade.
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i have orded a 780m it has a green pcb so im gessing it is a dell card am still wating for it to arrive. it do you think it may be able to flash asus 780m vbios? i have the heatsink cooling modded and ready to go (clevo hm heatsink cut to fit around g73jh heatsink & added an extra heatpipe)
any thoughts??? i will let you know when the card arrives..

Level 7
Interested in knowing how to do this for my G73SW. Whats involved?

Level 7
Hey! congrats for the modding! can you please give a picture on how you put the jack? i did not understand well.

can i do something similar on my g53s? anyone knows?

Level 7
Really? Wow... I didn't knew that...Thought that since 770m was newer it was better! Do you have any advice on where to buy the GPU and CPU for a really bargain price? Also, there's no guide at all to refer to on how modifiyng the heatsink and installing the 680?

Level 7
Sorry I turned to this forum in the hope that someone can help realties. If he knew that already solved this problem.
My computer ASUS G 53SX
15.6" (1900-1080) Full HD LED,
Intel Core i7-2630QM (2.0 ГГц) /
GTX 560M, 2 ГБ / Blu-Ray

Level 10
I tried once and flashed asus 780m vbios on my 680m just to se what happened and got black screen for about minute and just when I was to power off laptop gues what laptop posted and even loaded windows but clocks vere all borked ofcourse. Anyhow being that it was 680m I have big expectations that it would work with 780m. At least with minor modding to get everything works properly.
Keep us updated.

Level 7
jmhdj, I have an asus g73sw with a gtx460m in it. it has heat-problems so i want to replace it with a 770m board.
can u judge this link if it's suitable for the mod i want to do?

besides a new bios, are there any other parts i need to buy?

thanx in advance!

Level 10
Beside heatsink from older g73jh you dont need nothing more. Also you need to grind some places on new heatsink so it does not shortcut gpu board. Or you just can repaste and clean grill on 460m heatsink so you save money for new gpu.

Level 7
thanx jmhdj for the reply 😮

i have 2 more questions:

what kind of thermalpaste do i need (where to buy it)
and do i need to flash my bios?

Level 10
You can use any one you prefer. Yes you must flash asus vbios to it.