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G73JW Will not power up

Level 7
This thing has been running absolutely great for some time. Upgraded to a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD, Installed an Intel 7260 wireless (replacing Atheros), installed 16GB Ram, got the touchpad to be incredibly responsive, Installed Win8.1 and even got the newest Synaptic driver for Win7 to install in Win8.1. Everything was awesome. System was incredibly responsive and a joy to work with.

I had IE up and googling something then had to leave the room for bit. When I came back the computer was off. I pressed the power button. The power button light came on as well as the lights to the left of the keyboard then the system just turned off. The time this took was just a second or two. No boot at all. Nothing on screen.

I have tried AC only, battery only, removing all power and holding the power button down but there is no change. When both the battery is inserted and the AC attached the battery light will come on orange and will turn green showing it charged. Other than that nothing seems to work.


Level 17
Sounds like some hardware failed, if you tried all those, and nothing worked. I would recommend contacting ASUS about repairs.
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee! 🙂
LINUX Users, we have a group!

Level 7
Did you find the problem? Because I seem to have the same problem now.

Level 7
This happened to me on two other Dells (older XPS units) and both times it was motherboard failure. One was caused by the power brick failing, which caused a voltage spike into the mobo (result: fried several systems, both the mobo and the power supply needed to be replaced); the other resulted from the charging system regulator on the mobo failing, which caused components to fail. Asus uses different mobos, of course, but the symptoms sound almost exactly the same re: lights and so forth so I'd start with the mobo as well as check out the voltage output of the power supply...