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G73jw lightbar and lightings reversed butons not working property

Level 7
Hello all, im sorry if i post wrong here but i got a big problem and i dont know why.. i recently change my video card with a same nvidia 460m , after i open laptop
The 3 botons in the left corner with lights control /turbo/display no more working good , if i click 1 time light boton its starting all lights without blue lightbar under screen..if i click 2nd time all lights off but the 3botons start lighting then after i try again click all lights realy off ...the 3 botons not work8ng good not lighting property
There you can see. .if i open all lights the lightbar dont come on, but when i click all lights off the 3 botons come lighting and other not more ..something its reversed , please help me

Level 9
Inspect the end of the ribbon cable that goes to those buttons, check out both ends of that cable. More than likely the cable is frayed at the end and causing a short. I had a similar issue with a g53 I had to repair. If you disconnect and pinch the cable between your thumb and pointer finger you can probably straighten out the cable enough to correct the short. You can also try to trim down the end of the cable a tiny bit to help this.

Good luck, let me know how it goes. Worse case scenario you will have to get a new fcc cable.