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G73jw-3de CinePlayer / 3D playback issue

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Hi All,

Been posting on another forum as well, but perhaps someone here can help? Got a brand new G73JW-3DE 2 days ago and initially all was well. Buying the 3D model, 3D was one of the first things I wanted to try and having gone through the nVidia setup it worked and looked impressive.

So, first thing to test, I see the "3D Demo" shortcut on the desktop. Playing this in Windows Media Player just gives a side by side image (not 3D) so I loaded, registered and updated CinePlayer. Loading up the 3D Demo in CinePlayer, it plays in 3D and I was impressed until it got to about the Bad Company 2 footage and the audio started stuttering. The stuttering continued until the very end. Loading it up again, I get the same problem, but now at different points in the clip. Sometime earlier, sometimes later, but almost always about the time of the Battlefield footage.

Was concerned, but I happen to have the triple play version of Disney's A Christmas Carol which includes a 3D Bluray. Trying this in CinePlayer it plays and the 3D works, but I get sporadic, but very regular audio and video stuttering throughout.

This is extremely annoying since I effectively have a 3D laptop that can't do 3D playback (not tested a game yet in 3D, though Crysis 2D was working quite well).

For info, all drivers are stock accept for the updated nVidia ones, but I did try this with both the stock and updated drivers. Same problem either way.

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.