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G73JH-X3 Bright Dot Problem

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Hello all. New to Asus and the ROG.

I recently purchased an Asus G73JH-X3 off of TigerDirect:

It's a wonderful machine, but a couple of days ago, I noticed this stuck pixel. It's tiny, no big deal, but it's the fact that it's just there and I expected this to be a prestige machine without problems. I tried to massage it and run programs to remove the pixel, but it will simply not fix it. I was wondering if there was any other methods to fix it. Also, if the ZBD will cover it.

I'm new to stuff like this and was wondering how I send it back to them if the pixel doesn't go away. Do I send them the machine with the warranty card? Do I send everything back? And who do I send it to?

Also, since I bought it online, it didn't come with a receipt, so how am I supposed to register my warranty card ?

I'm a newbie when it comes to things like this. But help is definitely much appreciated.

Thank you .

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If you bought from tigerdirect and you did it online with credit card you do have a proof of purchase 1st by way of the confirm e-mail they sent you and 2nd is by logging into your account and going to your order history you can print from there and 3rd the box your g73jh was delivered in has a plastic pocket with invocie in it or inside box is invoice. You can call tiger direct for support of your purchase and they will walk you through the best way to deal with your pixel problem.

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yes your notebook is covered under zero bright dot for 30 days, so hurry up and send it in or send it back to tigerdirect!