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G73Jh random black screens (sound works), hardware related? [solved for now]

Level 7

This is the first issue I've ever had with this laptop since I bought it, summer 2010, no RMAs whatsoever.

The past few days I've been experiencing random black screens on my 3 year old G73Jh. These happen at random but most of the time when I'm playing videogames (not a lot of things running in the background, either). The screen just goes black (as if using Fn + F7 to turn the display off) and the sound works, I just have nothing being displayed. Sometimes it stays for 20-30 seconds and then the screen goes back to normal, but most of the time I'm forced to reboot my system.

I've tried reinstalling drivers and whatnot but it seems to not be software/driver related, as it pops up when rebooting, too (before the login screen).

I've also done a complete disassembly of my laptop to see whether anything was wrong on the inside, but I could not notice anything out of the ordinary other than a display cable being stuck underneath the rotating hinge but this did not solve anything either.

Any ideas?

Much love,


Level 7
If you have not re-pasted the CPU and GPU I strongly suggest it! I was having all kinds of odd problems but no thermal alarms. I re-pasted and updated the vBIOS and everything seems solid now. I've rand stress tests and benchmarks, no problems.

I also had a stick of RAM go bad since i've owned the laptop (found this by random crashes and confirmed by running memtest). I've sense upgraded to 16GB. If you haven't done so, update the vBIOS and update the video drivers afterwards.

Level 7
Heh, update, decided to repaste both CPU and GPU, everything seems to be working fine now since 3-4 days ago.

Thanks for the help. (: