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g73jh oc stability

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i played around with settings the other day and i could get mild stability out of 800 1100 it seems that when i pressed the turbo button it caused more instability,, is there a band width issue with jh models or is it just that i am using a newer bios thats not a complete match for the od2 vbios

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did you do the twin turbo fix? if not then just leave it off. Also did you re-check your temps like i said to in the original vbios thread?
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yeah i did the turbo fix and it clocks stable for my games at 800 1100 which offers some nice gains especialy while using ssaa got 20 plus frames in unigine everything cranked though i had tessilation set to normal and i did find out that if you deselect amd optimization for tessilation you get at least 4 fps more on average in standard clock