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G73Jh i7-720QM Turbo Boost problem

Level 7
Hi guys 🙂
I have a problem with the Turbo Boost on my G73Jh. I upgraded the CPU last weekend from i3-350M to i7-720QM and it works great, but I have no idea how does the Turbo Boost work. I've searched some info about it and I think, it should power up the cpu automatically when the PC needs more performance. And according to the website this CPU is "Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 1.0" ready. So I downloaded some drivers, but there is a problem with all of them - when I run the installation file an error sign shows up: "This PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements for the installation." Does anyone know, what could be wrong?

CPU: i7-720QM
OS: WIN 7 64bit (OS reinstallation when i7 inside)
BIOS version: 213

Thanks for any advice 🙂

Level 7
Well I figured it out, I didn't have installed the latest version of Power4Gear Hybrid. Now it works properly. There is no need for any Turbo Boost driver anymore with P4G. 🙂

This thread has been solved, it can be locked. 🙂