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G73JH i7 5870m black screen...

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Hello everybody,

I have a kinda bad situation;

My very good friend has above laptop (ASUS G73JH - TZ014V with i7, 4x2GB RAM and 2x500GB HDD). He didnt clean it for ~8-9 years and recently in more demanding games, it started to struggle and even shutdown if not put on books to have free space between the laptop and the desk (=temp issue)

So I told him; its probably dust and old dried out paste at gpu+cpu cooler.
I have repasted several other laptops before - never did I have any issue. Also I am quiet "good" when it comes to technical stuff etc. so I know how to open a laptop without breaking anything and work very careful and patient.

After repasting and cleaning the laptop, I put it back together and tried to boot but always received the following issue;

- completely black screen (in-Display / HDMI)
- CPU Fan will spin for a millisecond before going into hold-state / GPU fan doesnt do this
- after ~20 seconds, both fans will speed up to 100% and keep like this forever - until I disconnect the power

I have tried all kinds of things (removing anything else, switching RAMs, boot by using the Bios reset, etc. etc.) = no result.

The only thing that changed something is completely removing the GPU-Unit(Rev. 2.0 btw);

After hitting power button, the Laptop will instantly "boot". Fans immediately power up without the ~20 second delay
This makes me think, if I somehow broke the GPU or maybe one of the VRMs on the Mainboard/GPU Unit.
Another reason for this failure could be "corrosion"; I know of the "GPU baking" method to fix broken soldering. Maybe due to the age, I broke some old soldering.

Maybe one of you guys has an idea. It looks a lot like GPU failure especially after reading many threads in this forum but I dont want to give up hope.
My last resort will be baking but I want to try everything else before because I know it wouldnt be a long term solution.

(I have switched/repaired tons of computers/hardware without ever breaking anything so it would be my first time 😞 )

P.S.: Its his only computer so I feel very guilty... 😕

Sounds like you have everything correct. As you say, that model was known for flaky GPUs. You could try to see if there is a compatible GPU on Ebay. Unfortunately the format is slightly non-standard so it requires cutting the heat sink. Read this thread for more info:
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