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g73jh Cpu temps

Level 7
i was just wondering what other users with the g73jh are getting as far as cpu temps and is the jump in temps normal. i recently repasted my gpu and cpu with icd7 and am getting around 42*-45*c on the cpu but jumps while browsing to 48*-50* is this normal? pime95 cpu test fpr 2 hours never gets pat 70* c on any core. so can any one tell me what temps they are getting.

That's not bad. CPU temps maxing at 70 is totally acceptable. If they were hitting 80s or 90s then I would start to worry. The important thing with idle temps is the fan speed. If the fan is running slowly then you won't get as low as desktop temps but it will be quieter. That's the tradeoff with laptops. If you are getting those temps and the fan is already running mid-high speed then I would be concerned.

I'm not sure what temps I'm getting at idle. I'll try to remember to check but you can post and bug me to remind me.
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