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G73JH Comparison, Hitachi HDD vs Sandisk SSD

Level 7
For this comparison I use "Crystal DIsk Mark" a popular program to measure speeds.
I compare a 750GB 7200rpm Hitachi HDD vs a 120gb Sandisk Pro SSD. The first picture is the Hitachi.

I then upgraded to a 120gb Sandisk Pro to put my Windows 7 OS on, it was $44.99 when I bought it off Amazon two weeks ago. Below are the results.

The computer is extremely fast in comparison, it boots in less than 10 seconds and updates or scans takes seconds to minutes when they used to take tens of minutes if not hours. I hope this helps anyone deciding whether to or not. Keep in mind for the G73JH we have SATAII so these are the speeds to be expected, if we had SATAIII we'd be seeing speeds closer to 500 read/write as modern computers do.


Level 14
Yes SSD are amazing
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Hi there.

A SSD is a definite must for anyone still running on the G73JH. A definite worthy upgrade! I've upgraded mine to a 256GB Samsung 840 Evo and it's awesome.