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[G73jh-A1] Left chasis buttons stopped working after june W7 update

Level 7
After Windiws 7 installed by its own June 2017 cumulative update lights off, twin turbo, splendid buttons left above keybord stopped working.
I mean they do not do anything know in Windows 7!

I know they electrically work, becasuse I can enter Express gate when the g73jh is off by pressing the twin turbo button. So they work but not in Windows 7 anymore.

Tried reinstalling ATKpackage and PowerGear hybrid as this is the software driving them according to notebookreview post by Chastity. She did not answered here long ago. Wonder if she is still on this forum? Anyway reinstalling the ATKpack and Power4Gear hybrid did not fix the problem.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Level 9
I was able to revive the splendid button with help of notebookreview thread. But I can not run ACMON from Startup or RUN section in registry. It just wont autostart. I have to double click on it to run it,then it catches splednid button presses.
AS for the rest two buttons I am stuck.

So it works, but having to double click on ACMON.exe every login is annoying. Can anything be done so ACMON starts in auto mode on login?

Any G73 users with Windows 7 up to date reading this? Can you check your lightsoff,twinturbo buttons? Or maybe you know how to fix the ligthts off button? Twin turbo is useless anyway.

Level 7
Hello winylka
I've consulted related personnel on this matter, I'll get back to you when I receive more information
Thank you

Level 7
Hello all
I'm sorry to inform that there's no suitable driver to resolve this case at the moment.
Thank you