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G73J - Laptop Blue Screen and "Active Partition not found" Error message

Level 7
I am a new to this forum so apologies if a start off with a question straight up but I need some help.
I have a 3year old machine G73J laptop, been pretty good to me over the years but I am now having issues with the machine when I start up.
1. When starting the machine I get the following alert " Active Partitioning not found" I normally just press the key and this starts but I would like to know what the issue is and better still resolve it.
2. I have been getting blue screens and advise that computer crashed and needs to dump memory. Sounds concerning I have run a hard drive test using Hirem Boot Disk and confirmed that issue is not with the hard drives. What I now want to do is run a test on the RAM which I believe is built in. Can anyone tell me the process for doing this as I am going through a method of elimination. I don't want to get the computer technicians involved just yet as the issue could be such that I am better off just dumping machine and buying another (drastic I know).

Looking forward to advise please.

Level 9
Power on your laptop and open BIOS. Then disable/remove all HDDs which are not boot drive. Put your windows disc in and then select repair.
Wait till restart and fully boot your windows. Then restart again and enable all non-boot HDDs.

Level 9
If your other HDDs will not show up, open Start menu>Control panel>System and security>Administrative tools>Computer management>Storage>Disk management (Or open Start menu and type "Disk Management" but sometimes it wont work). Right click on hidden HDD and select letter.

This should work.