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G731GW CPU stuck at 800Mhz

Level 10
Troubleshooting the thread below for laggy G731GW, found out my CPU works only at 800 MHz. Nothing in the world - software, game or test tool is able to make it move. Multiple times reflashed BIOS, disconnected battery, checked performance settings and nothing helps. Any ideas anybody?

EDIT: ThrottleStop unlocked the multiplier.

Level 10
New question. Is it supposed to work with unlocked BD PROCHOT or this unlocking only overpasses some fault, like a faulty motherboard sensor or faulty firmware.

Level 10
A sensor went bad, probably on your motherboard. This sensor is permanently sending a throttling signal to your CPU using the BD PROCHOT signal path. Disabling BD PROCHOT in ThrottleStop is preventing your CPU from getting these signals. That allows your CPU to run at its full rated speed like it should. If your CPU ever gets too hot (processor hot), the PROCHOT signal will go active and your CPU will thermal throttle to protect itself. PROCHOT and BD PROCHOT look the same but are two different things. They both use the same throttling mechanism within the CPU but are separate. Disabling BD PROCHOT does not interfere with the CPU thermal throttling when it gets too hot.

Without being an engineer with a thorough schematic, it is impossible to say what sensor has gone bad. I have no idea whether 1 sensor or 100 sensors feed into the BD PROCHOT signal line. Likely just 1. A new motherboard should fix the problem but that is probably not worth the hassle or the cost. I would just continue to run ThrottleStop to take care of this problem.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Basically I also came to this explanation, browsing the net 🙂 Now I'm into a new brainstorming. I still have 10 days to return it to the retailer and get my money back. The thing is, he's not opting an exchange for another piece, but money return and making a new order. Of course, I bought it on a discount from promotion and now it costs more. And the worst part - I'm currently 1500 km away in another country for the next few months. My biggest concern is whether using BD-PROCHOT is voiding the warranty. If it's a firmware issue, with wrong interpretation of the sensors' readings, the next one would be the same. Probably it would be fixed over time, but would it...? The chance that it's a common fault is quite big and there's no guarantee the next one won't be the same. And still, I have 1 year of warranty if I change my mind. All the options are leading towards a hustle and I can't decide for sure which one to choose:

1. Return to retailer and just take my money.
2. Return to retailer and buy a new one (I really like the laptop, but the chance of getting a new one like this is quite big I thing, whether it's a faulty sensor on this exact piece, the entire batch is like that, or messy firmware is the culprit).
3. Send it to RMA, as the support guys suggested (really sloooooow communication with them). I basically have a year to do that. It would take ages for transportation and repairs and might even end up with the same solution as now (BD-PH) or some modified BIOS, just bypassing the reading
4. Just use it with BD-PROCHOT and save all this hustling. But what if(!) something goes wrong with a hardware, costing a few thousand euros?

Help! My head aches.